“Biten: By Athena Law”





Its Shiny Thong Leotard Vs. Shiny Thong Leotard as Alex and Athena lock up in a Sexy Pro Style match! Alex is ready for a good one on one fair fight, However Athena has different plans. Athena decides to bite her way to the win and she gnaws on Alexandria at every turn! Utilizing Different holds that allow her to get her chompers on Alex! Choke holds, belly punching, sleepers, leg locks, corner work, rope work, eye gouges, hair pulling, slams, camel clutches, and much more! All the while sinking her teeth into Alex every chance she gets! Biting Alexandrias feet, legs, thighs, belly, neck, ass, hands, and face! How much will Alex handle before verbally submitting or being KO’d!?


Length: 07:36

Size: 799 MB